Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A year older at a glance.

(My birthday: 2005!)

Today I turn 15.
Doesn't fifteen sound so much older than fourteen?
Last year, I was again excited at how fourteen sounded, to me, so much older than thirteen. But then again, why am I so excited to grow up. After all, it’s mainly scary responsibility’s from here on out. Looking back at the things I have done in the past year, I realise how much I have matured and grown as a person. For me, being fourteen was when I started working towards my dreams. I am a very determined person, and if I want something, I will go out and work my butt off till I get it. This year I got a job in a local tea rooms, and saved every penny I earned. Half went in a pot labelled ‘’spending money’’ for when I go to New York (5 months to go!) and the other half went in my life savings account. I also got a job writing for my local paper and a work experience placement with Inspire magazine writing weekly articles for their e-magazine.  I think I was fed up of just dreaming the dreams, and not actually doing anything to work towards them, so I decided from then on out to do everything possible in my power to increase my chances. I suppose this blog post won’t make a whole lot of sense until I actually explain what my dreams are…this may sounds really unrealistic and childish but I dream to:
Work in a position I am happy in. At the moment I’m considering journalism, teaching, running my own business or going into the ministry, but its early days!
Take a gap year and explore some of the big wide world. I would ideally love to travel all around America. (When I say go travelling, I don’t mean backpacking around a country…there’s no way I could do that! Instead more of a long holiday!)
Make memories and have funny life stories to tell my children. I love to document these years by making scrapbooks, photo albums and diaries so one day I can look back on my childhood with my children and they can laugh at what funny clothes I used to wear and probably say ‘’Oh my gosh mum, you used a laptop? Did you grow up in the dark ages or something!?’’
Have children. Preferably 4 or 5, I would love to have a big family.
To fall in Love
To make everyone who loves me proud, especially my parents.
So...that’s my aspirations for life!
This last year has been chocked full of amazing memories that will last a lifetime.
When I was 14 I went on French Exchange (what a week that turned out to be haha!) went to Soul Survivor, went on my first ever summer holiday abroad, got my first job, chose my GCSE options, sat some of my GCSE's, was in two dance shows, went to countless campouts...and many other memories that are too personal to put out on the big wide web.
I am extremely looking forward to the memories that are to come this year as a fifteen year old and hope you will all come along for the journey too.
Thankyou for all the love and support you all gave me last year, all the comments, all the feedback and all the kind tweets.
It means the world to me!

(Birthday 2012)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snowy Instagram Pictures

 Our Catalpa tree looking beautiful

 Snowy garden
 Me and Lauren at school
 Me and Lauren in the snow
our beheaded snowman

I love snow, and since we didn't get any last year (well, atleast not in Somerset!) I was even more excited this year. I woke up on Friday morning to find school closed, yipee! Over the weekend I had lots of fun in the snow, and even more fun sitting inside, all cosy and warm!
On Wednesday I was so gutted. On the school webiste it read:
''School is CLOSED to year 7,8 and 9 but OPEN to year 10 and 11.''
I was not a happy Lucy.
 But atleast I got to have some fun with Lauren in the snow at school, and we got sent home at lunchtime anyway!
Below is our headless snowman now that the snow is nearlly all gone!
Do you have instagram?
Comment your usernames below, and if you're womdering, mine is @lucy_abigail

Friday, 25 January 2013

Little pick me up

After quite a testing week, seeing this quote whilst browsing has cheered me up no end. Whenever you're going through testing times, think of this quote and smile.

Thursday, 24 January 2013


If you've received some money for Christmas and want to treat yourself but need some inspiration above are some of the things I'm currently lusting after. You never know, you might see something that you also would love to give a try.
1) Black Snake print zip bottom hobo bag. This bag is beautiful, just beautiful. Nothing more needs to be said. £14.99 - New Look - Buy Here.
2) Pink Tangle Teezer. These are set to be amaaaaazing! Everyone raves about them so I want to jump onto the band waggon. These are available from Boots, Amazon and loads of other places. They cost around £9.99.
3)The perks of being a wallflower DVD, I saw this film in cinemas a couple of months ago and it was so sad, yet so beautiful! If you're going to buy this, let me warn you...tissues at the ready!! You can buy this from Amazon for £11.99
4) The sanctuary foaming bath soak. As you all know, I adore baths. I got a sample of this bath soak back a long and love it. It smells divine and you end up with so many bubbles! If you want a little bath time luxury this is the product for you. It costs £5.50 from Boots.
5) Sanctuary pampering lavender mask. Can you tell...I love sanctuary products!? After seeing FleurdeForces review on this eye mask I am majorly lusting after it! £7 from Boots.
6) Soap and Glory sugar crush body scrub. This scent is amazing, literally the nicest thing ever. Every time I walk past it in Boots I can't resist having a little sniff. I need to get myself some of this asap! £6.50 Boots.
7) Jesus Christ Superstar the musical DVD. Amazon £8
8) The notebook DVD. Everyone talks about this and tweets about it....but I have never seen it!
 £3.77 Amazon

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

MUA lipsticks: shade 12 & 7

I love MUA lipsticks. They are amazing. Utterly amazing.
Above you can see the shades 12 and 7 in all there glory.
I adore these two shades. I'm not confident enough (yet!) to wear bright, bold lipsticks and are much more comfortable wearing shades like these.
Let's start of with the price. £1 each.....yes you heard me right!!
MUA's lipstick are so moisturising that there almost like wearing a tinted lipbalm with much better pigmentation! They go on smoothly and the finish is great. They are also extremely long wearing and need touching up very little if next to none.
The only criticism I have with these lipsticks are that they are extremely delicate. I'm always worried when using them that the lipstick will snap, therefore I have to go extra careful applying them meaning it takes longer...but cant complain really with a price like that!
Overall I would urge you to check out MUA lipsticks if you haven't already!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

OOTD: Dog tooth cardigan

Vestop - Primark
Cardigan - Primark
Jeanes - New Look
Shoes - New Look
I have never owned anything dog print before. I have always been drawn to it in shops but never really had the guts to buy anything in the print, for sake I won't ever wear it.
But, alas, a couple of weeks ago I bought one too!
After nearly being put of by the fact that the one and only Rylan also wore it on X Factor this week, I highly doubted how wearable and versatile this print would be.
A couple of weeks later, it's love!
I practically live in this cardigan (have even slept in once!)
It has now become a firm staple in my wardrobe, expect to see it in many more OOTD's to come!

A promise to you all!

(Picture - weheartit)
I have been neglecting my blog recently. Well to be honest, I have never really had a structured, weekly post way of doing things. But that's about to change. I'm the sort of person that really needs a goal or target to work towards in order to get anything done. From this week on, I want to blog a minimum of 2 posts a week. I know for some of you this isn't allot but what with GCSE's, being a dancer, writing for a newspaper and a magazine things can get a little hectic! I'm not going to set a day as I don't want to feel to tied to my blog, and if I'm busy, I'm busy. But hopefully, you'll be seeing allot more from me in 2013! Lets make it a good'un!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Avon Almond & Milk: body lotion and room spray

I adore this stuff.
It smells divine. Literally, one of the best things I have ever smelt in my whole life. Words can't describe it. (Oh you get the gist!)
I don't really buy much from Avon anymore. But I was so impressed with these two products that I automatically re-purchased...and re-purchased....and re-purchased.
I'm rubbish at describing scents, but here goes - I'll try my best!
It's not a sickly sweet scent, nor too overpowering. Instead it is nutty, creamy and just generally amazing!
Also, its smells very natural which is always a bonus! I would recommend this scent more for autumn/winter rather than summer as its quite a cosy kind of smell.

The spray is one of my handbag essentials. I'm pretty sure its just meant to be a room spray but it works well as a body spray too! The scent lasts ages, considering its spray, not a perfume.

The body lotion is extremely nourishing, due to the milk in it., although it isn't anything amazing. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad product, but I tend to buy it more for the scent as once you get past that its just a bog-standard moisturizer.

I think both of these retail at around £1/£2 a bottle(Sorry, I'm trying to find the price in this months Avon magazine but they don't appear to be in here....they better not have been discontinued!!)

So overall, a great product for beauty on a budget!
Let me know what your product is from Avon's skincare.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

How to: De-clutter your wardrobe


Now is the season to get organised. It’s time to get rid of that bargain dress you never wear, that sits on its hanger glaring at you accusingly. Most of us only wear two thirds of our clothes, that’s crazy right!? Here are some tips and tricks to help you clear out the rubbish and keep the gems, so you can get the most out of your clothes!

1) First off set aside a whole day, believe me…you’ll need it!

2) Empty you’re drawers and clean inside them. (Yes, I know this sounds crazy but what’s the point in putting clean clothes on top of 5 year old dust?)

3) Lay everything out so you can see it, perhaps on your bed.

4) Time to get ruthless. That top you forgot you had? I doubt you’re ever going to wear it if you forgot you had it? That handbag you now dislike but paid a heavy price for? That’s what ebay’s for!

5) Sort your clothes into piles of ‘Keep’ ‘Chuck’ ‘Charity Shop’ ‘Ebay’ and ‘DIY/needs mending’

6) Chuck aside the stuff you don’t wish to keep; you can deal with that later. Unless you can’t be bothered and donate it all to the charity shop, likely scenario.

7) Bin any laddered or bobbly tights; any belts that are broken and socks that have holes in.

8) Go through clothes in your keep pile, making sure all items are clean, and smell good.

9) Put you’re keep pile away neatly. Try to avoid hanging items to close together as this can cause creasing.
*TIP: try and store knitwear flat in drawers as hanging it may stretch it*

10) Now we tackle all the other piles. Anything you know you definitely don’t want chuck straight out. Continue to put the rest of the clothes somewhere specific, a separate clothes rails perhaps? Over the next couple of weeks try to wear as much of this clothes as possible. Anything that you failed to wear should be waved bye bye too. This is a good way of establishing what you really do and don’t want, and also helps to see if you have any clothes that suits that weird orange tunic you bought in the sale last year.

11) If you get yourself into a state, grab a coffee and your laptop and pinterest ‘wardrobe’, prepare to be motivated!

Recently I have moved house so have been going through this process myself. I really struggled with first getting started with it as it seemed such a big task to do, but am really pleased with the results.

Below are a couple of snaps I took during the process;

Good Luck!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Post it note notice!

Hey folks!
Things here aren't so great the moment. You may be wondering why I haven't blogged in what seems like agggges (well, apart from my Sudocrem post) and its down to two reasons...
1) My laptop has died :(
I spent a fair bit of yesterday in tears, 3 years worth of photos are gone! But, hopefully the magic men over at my local computing shop can work there wonders and miraculously fix it for me...and then probably leave me with a rather big bill.
2) I'm an absolute baby and have a stye and spent most of my weekend complaining to myself about how it hurts. Did it make it feel any better? No! Did it make me feel any better? No! Did it do anything apart from annoy all my family and make me cry at the same time? NO!
So overall, a bad weekend. But hopefully I will be back getting into the swing of blogging once all my problems are done and dusted and my laptop finally regains power *prays*

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sudocrem: Lifesaver!

Sudocrem, also known as bum cream.
Lately everyone is talking about this product, and they have good reason to!
I've been using Sudocrem on my face for about 3 months now. Being a teenager, my skin isn't on my side at this point in life. It likes to breakout and give me massive spots (usually right before an important event in which I want to look nice haha!) but that's why Sudocrem comes in!
Sudocrem says:
''Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream is a market leading product for treating nappy rash. Clinically prove, it helps to soothe, heal and protect your baby's delicate skin from further irritation.''
What can Sudocrem be used for?
-Nappy Rash
- Bed Sores
-Minor Burns
-Surface wounds
-  Acne/Spots
I use Sudocrem every night before I go to bed. I dab a bit onto spots and areas of redness that's on my face. I leave it on overnight, whilst it works its magic. When I wake up I then clean any excess on with a flannel whilst washing my face. It has a very thick, creamy consistency but I like that as I feel it helps the cream to stay in place where I want it to overnight. The smell is pretty strong, but personally, I love it. It just reminds me of being a little child and I find it's gets me all relaxed, almost like the scent of lavender. You can also get Sudocrem in lots of different sizes. Weather you want massive pots, travel size pots, 'normal' pots Sudocrem do it all! This size cost a measly £2.25! BARGAIN ALERT!
The only downfall I would say with this cream is that it does come off all over your bed sheets, but I don't mind. It makes my spots significantly better and that's all I'm worried about!