Friday, 2 November 2012

Operation Christmas Child: GET INVOLVED!

OCC is a charity I hold incredibly close to my heart.
For those of you that don't know exactly what OCC is, they encourage people to wrap and fill shoe boxes full of toys and treats, and then they send them to disadvantaged children all over the world.
I think this charity is so in keeping with the true spirit of Christmas and makes me feel all emotional.
I urge you ALL to take part. It really is one of the greatest things you'll do this Christmas and will make you feel so great.
If you want to get involved and pack a shoebox this is how:
1) Find an empty shoe box and wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper!
The box should ideally be medium size, and the box and lid should be wrapped separately.
2) Decide if your shoebox is for a boy or girl.
You can download the stickers here, then simply tick which age group your box is for and then secure it on the top right hand corner of the lid (make sure it is stuck down properly and won't fall of!)
3) Fill your box with gifts!
Click here to see what gifts Samaritans purse recommend you to pack. Be sure to check the 'no thanks' list to check you don't pack anything that won't be able to be sent over (ie chocolate because it will melt in some cases ect)
4) Make your donation
Your boxes have to get to there final destinations somehow right? Operation Christmas Child ask that for every shoebox you fill you donate a minimum of £2.50 to go towards shipping costs. You can donate online here and by donating online, OCC will even let you know where your shoebox went!
5) Drop off your shoebox!
Make sure your shoebox is secure by putting a rubber band around the outside. Use OCC online shoebox drop of point finder here to find your nearest stop. I'm pretty sure that all Shoezone stores are drop of points but don't take my word for that. You can drop them off between 1st November - 18th November!
 Take a look at if you want anymore info!
Please, I urge you all to get involved with such an amazing charity this Christmas!
Let me know if you do a box!



  1. I have done this every year since I first found out about it in primary school! So thats around 11/12 years, its a brilliant charity cause and give joy in ways people couldnt believe. I love doing this every year and can not wait to send mine off again :)

    1. That's AMAZING! Glad to hear you're doing one again this year! Xx

  2. This is such a lovely idea. I seem to remember doing something like this through school as a kid, but I'm ashamed to say that I'd forgotten all about it. I think it's great that you've posted about it, as so many people don't know about it - and let's be honest, we bloggers tend to spend extortionate amounts on superficial things like makeup and clothes, so we should all be able to hold off buying one more lipstick or whatever in favour of doing this.
    Mel x

  3. So true, I just love how something so simple can put the biggest smile on children's faces! Yes, so so true! Thankyou for such a fab comment!