Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Next's Next day delivery! My style!

Did anyone see Next's new TV ad in the break on Sunday's X factor. It features the beautiful Arizona Muse and is promoting Next's next day delivery service if you order by 9...PM! (Next's next day delivery, blimey that's a mouthful!) My mum's reaction to the advert was ''wow, if you order by 9!? That's fab!'' Her reaction probably had something to do with how she suddenly remembered she had a wedding the day before it was on last month and had no time to get out the office and go shopping, meaning she had to throw together an outfit she really didn't feel confident in. Not good.
I think it's really good to know that Next have such a service available. With the ordering time being as late as 9pm and next day delivery guaranteed I think that is incredible. I'm so pleased that Next have spent the time and created an advert that does the service justice and really shows it off. Why would you want to play something like that down!? I think not.
I have taken the Purple Geo-print dress (as seen in the ad) and styled it fittingly with other pieces from the Next website (( I went for a nigh time, glamorous sophisticated look that compliments the dress and shows off its best bits.
1) Purple Geo-Print Dress £65 (Buy here)
This is the key piece to the outfit. The fish to the chips, the Ant to the Dec, the iced to the bun (I could go on forever haha!) At the end of the advert Arizona Muse steps out of her house in this dress, and I think a little bit inside of me wanted to run to the nearest Next shop and buy myself one of these timeless, elegant dresses. (And then cry in front of the mirror at how I don't look as good as Arizona Muse does in it!)
2) Lepord Print faux fur jacket £65 (Buy here)
Who doesn't love a faux fur jacket!? They just remind me of the scene in SATC in which Carrie Bradshaw is running to Miranda's house on New Years wearing a huge fur coat! With Carrie Bradshaw being one of my style icons, who can blame me for loving a fur jacket or too!?
3) Black Croc effect strap shoe £35 (Buy here)
I love shoes, especially these shoes. They would go with anything and everything. If I'm going to spend money on something I want it to go with lots and to be able to get allot of wear out of it. That's what's so great about these shoes. They look amazing with the dress but could also be worn again and again, perfect!
4) Shimla Amethyst Bracelet £55 (Buy here)
I had to have a pop of purple somewhere in the accessories. With purple being in the dress I think this bracelet compliments it beautifully and helps to keep the limelight on the dress.
5) Silver Sparkle Flower Ring £10 ( Buy here)
Another SATC themed accessory here, I just can't help it haha! This ring looks incredibly similar to Samantha's flower ring in the first SATC movie, plus it give a little more detail and a girly touch to the whole ensemble.
6) Black Leather Premium tote £75 (Buy here)
I'm having a love affair with this bag. I need to marry it, now. Another classic, timeless piece from Next which goes lovely with this dress.  
7) Duck egg Blue enamel bangle £12 (Buy here)
 Isn't this bangle beautiful? *swoon* It looks so much more expensive than £12, certainly looks like a luxury item to me! I would never guess it would only cost that much!
Overall the lesson is, if you're in a hurry and need a stylish, outfit that suits you fast, Next is the place to go!
Hope you enjoyed this post!


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    1. That is SO lovely of you, thankyou so much! Xx