Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A/W Top 5 picks: Boots!

 1) Columbus Boots: Monsoon £85
2) ALSO pull on metal toe boots: Topshop £80
3) ASOS Achieve Leather Ankle boots with high heel: £65
4) D.Co Copenhagen Polinatur two tone ankle boot: ASOS £135
5) Light brown block heel ankle boots £70: River Island.
Am I the only one who is already incredibly excited for Christmas!? My family is already sick of me talking about it! I really do love this time of year, so much so that I think I may do a blog post to show my love for the autumn/winter! 
 I decided to do a series of blog posts called 'A/W Top 5 picks' and this is the first one of the series, focusing on boots!
Above you can see my top 5 favourite pairs, but my favourites have to be pair number one *swoons* I just love love love them! But maybe not the price!
Even if you don't like this mish mash of different boots, its ok because there is literally hundreds of boots on the market so I'm sure if you look you'll be sure to find your new babies.
( I have this tendencie to refer to shoes as 'my babies'....why I will never know!)
Let me know if you buy any of these boots, or any shops that you think are fab for boots this autumn/winter!


  1. Oh number 2 and 4 are on my list! I'm such a boot lover, this is completely indulging me!
    S xx