Saturday, 28 July 2012

What's in my hand-held luggage?

By the time you read this post I will be on an aeroplane flying out too Spain eeeek, that is, if technology works its wonders and puts this post live without me even clicking a button!
To be totally honest, this isn't my hand luggage that I'm taking to Spain, in fact its my hand luggage from when I went on French exchange back in May (Post on that - here)
The journey to Cholet, France consisted of a horrendously long coach journey, over night stay on a ferry, topped off by another 6 hours coach drive. This is what I had packed in my hand luggage...
*Cleansing wipes
*Tin of medication
* hand sanitiser
* ipod
* camera lense
* purse
* phone
* camera
* passport
* water bottle
* glasses, glasses case
* breakfast and chocolate bar
*(makeup bag) can't see that in this picture.

Any of you lovely lot going on holiday anywhere nice?


  1. I love posts about people's bags, I'm so nosy! ;)
    Those snacks remind my of myself, when I go to school I use the front part of my backpack to store snacks, fruit and other things that'll keep me alive during the day! I hope you had a great time in Spain!
    Fee xx