Tuesday, 22 May 2012

OOTD: A standout shirt

Top - Matalan
Skirt - Florence and Fred
Tights - Primark
With all of these OOTD posts recently can you tell I went shopping recently!?
I started my first ever job a couple of Sunday, working in a local tea rooms which tourists flock to in the summer (so lots of tips!) at the moment I’m in the kitchen washing up, mopping floors and at the end of each shift, cleaning the toilet *think of the money at the end of it!!*
Weirdly I really enjoyed it! I must say though, I have to keep up the pace. It’s so small in the kitchen and if I fall behind the place piles up with plates! I’m really pleased to have a job because I am only 14 and not many of my friends have jobs. I am saving a lot of my wages away for university, a car and all the grown-up things that I probably shouldn’t be worrying about at this age!

Also this week I had some amazing and ultra-exciting news! You may know but I really aim to have a career in the journalism industry especially the fashion department! There is a newspaper that goes around the county that I live in and I applied to become a ''community correspondent''. Basically they were looking for people to cover the smaller villages as they feel that they get left out a lot. So I went forth and applied to become one for my village and two weeks later I got a letter back saying.....I GOT IT!! I’m so so pleased! Journalism is a competitive industry and I am determined to get as much work experience and make my cv as good as I can possibly get it! So yeh...good news for once!
Have you had any good news recently?


  1. you look lovely, I love your shirt.
    ah jealous of you having a job-i'm 15 and really want one!
    woo well done that sounds so good!


  2. i really really want a job, im only 13 nearly 14, but theres nowhere near me that i could work! Love your outfit, theres no matalan near me to buy the shirt :( good post. if you get the chance will you just have a look at my blog? you dont have too :) xxxxx


    1. I have wanted one for ages, one will come along, trust me! Thankyou! Yep I'll pop on over and take a look! x

  3. love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses


  4. The top is beautiful and really suits you! Great purchase xx

  5. beautiful! Lovely top Xx


  6. Aww congratulations on getting the position hun, that's fab! Saw your Paris piccies too, just gorguz! That must have been a wonderful experience, & all that FOOD! :D Thanks for commenting hun :)

    Love Aysh xoxo