Sunday, 15 April 2012

Flying the Flag with Next!

The Olympics are just around the corner and I'm so excited! I love sport and really enjoy the whole atmosphere surrounding the Olympics! I quite simply love the Olympics, people just going for their dreams and not stopping till they get there! It’s so inspirational! I'm not going to see the Olympics but I still really want to get involved with the Olympics so I was thrilled when I got an email from Next asking if I wished to take part in the Next ''I’m supporting'' campaign. Next have designed two fabulous Paralympics GB and Official Team GB supporters' scarves. I Love these scarves because they allow us to celebrate the Olympics in style! Both of the scarves have been designed to capture the essence of the Olympics and to support all of the 900 British athletes.
I have the Official Paralympics GB scarf and I love it!
So the challenge was set, how would I style my scarf?
As the scarf isn't all that large (50cm x 50cm to be exact) but I still wanted to wear it as the focus point of the outfit, I decided to wear the scarf in my hair. I have always loved beehives, so went with that, surprisingly there easier than they look! Keeping with the red, white and blue theme I wore a bold red dress. However I didn't want to look like a union jack flag, so the tan belt just helped to balance it all out a bit.

The smaller Paralympics scarf (left) is £5 whilst the official Team GB scarf (right) is £10.
All of the profits made by the sales of these scarves gets donated to the British Olympic Association too! Both scarves are available to buy from Next nationwide in store or online!
Please all get involved in this campaign and help us to ''Wear it, Wave it, Win with it!''
If you want to take part in the Next ''I’m Supporting'' campaign you can here.


  1. love how you've styled it hun, the red dress and scarf look fab on you!! :)

  2. thanks for you comment on my blog, i love that red dress!!!

    over on my blog i am having a give away, i would love for you to enter


  3. Thanks for your comments on my blog post I am following you now on GFC.

    Really love that dress, such a pretty colour. xx

  4. You are so pretty! Love your hair style and dress. x

  5. dear you are so cute!
    The 50ies style is very up to date <3 adorable
    X the cookies

  6. I love how you styled your scarf and your 50 style dress :) x

  7. Very cute color on you! And that hairstyle is adorable~

  8. love this, your scarf is really nice and for such a great cause too.x

  9. love your dress

  10. I wouldn't have thought to style it this way but it looks really good sweet :)

  11. Hey Lucy! Love your hair :)
    Amelia Liana