Monday, 3 December 2012

VIVO Pearl eyeshadow: Golden Leaf and Dusky Pink

(You may have seen this post over on Clouds and Cuticle Oil when I did a guest post for her. I thought I would post it on here too so that those of you that don't read her blog can still see how fab Vivo's eyeshadows are. And if that applies to you....why are you not following her blog!? It's fab!)

Vivo for Tesco is a makeup brand that I quite frankly adore! My main blog ethos is affordable luxuries, and everyday things that make you smile. These eye shadows from Vivo cost a small sum of £1.50 (Crazy I know!) So being the makeup lover I am, I obviously bought two!
A green shade called 'Golden Leaf' and a pinky/nude shade called 'Dusky Pink'.
Firstly the packaging. The case open and locks securely which is a must as I'm always worried I will smash the eyeshadow pan. The packaging is fuss, no hassle and easy to view the colour!

The pigmentation of them is truly fab! You can see from the swatches just how pigmented they are and how beautiful the colours are. My favourite out of the two has to be the green. It is a very shimmery colour, that glistens stunningly when you catch it in the sunlight! It also has very subtle purple undertones to it...overall I just think It's a really nice colour that would look amazing on a green smoky eye.

Onto the pink.I bought this shade as it's such a beautiful, ballet like pink! I have been wearing this shade in allot of places on my lid, playing about with colours like this is such fun and you can create some really beautiful looks if you just play around with them. I also wore this colour on my cheeks once as a blush and it worked really nicely as it blends really well.

Overall I would really recommend Vivo's pearl eye shadows. For the price, you may expect them to not be that great quality, but you would be ever so wrong in thinking so!

Lucy x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

I'm on Instagram!

Ok I confess...I'm a bit of an Instagram addict.
I love the whole concept of capturing memories on your phone because, quite frankly my camera is far to big to carry round daily yet instagram enables you to not miss those little moments when you don't have a camera to hand.
I have had instagram since June now, but never mentioned it on my blog (don't know why!)
Anyway, I am going to start doing 'fortnight in Instagram' posts!
I love seeing other people's instagram posts and I think It really helps to get the know the person behind the blog.
I'm not going to do my first fortnight in Instagram post till next week because I didn't know where to start with this one, so instead I put every single photo I have ever posted on instagram above!
Amounts to quite allot!
If you wish to follow me on instagram my user name is :
If you would like me to follow you as well, let me know!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tresemme Keratin Smooth heat protectant spray

I bought this spray about a month and a half ago after seeing it on special in Boots.
(I paid around £3 for it, but I think it's normally £5.50)
The nozzle for this is a-mazing! The spray covers a large area meaning full coverage, rather than only have spots of your hair protected for heated hair tools.
This heat protection spray always leave my hair looking allot less frizzy than usual and it leaves it silky soft.
You get so much in a bottle!
I have used this spray a fair few times already and there isn't even a dent in it yet. I definitely think this spray will last me a while!
The scent is amazing! I'm rubbish when it comes to describing scents but I guarantee you it smells divine!
Final two advantages are:
1) It's not sticky! So many heat protection sprays are horrible to use as there sticky but this one isn't at all!
2) It feel really light in your hair and doesn't weight it down.
This product is a definite favourite from now on!
I will certainly be re-purchasing when it finally runs out!

Friday, 16 November 2012

OOTD: Tipped Collar

Top - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Primark

I adore this top.
It was a steal at only £6 from Primark!
Primark have some great stock in at the moment.
Especially there pyjamas! At this time of year they always get the cutest, comfiest set of jim jams and for that, I love primark.
They also have some great cheesy Christmas jumpers!
Who doesn't love a tacky jumper at Christmas!? I certainly do!
So the message of this post is...GO TO PRIMARK!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My OCC box!

I hope all of you have seen my post on Operation Christmas Child?
If not you can see it here.
Anyway, I got a few tweets from people saying that they would like it if I did a post on my shoebox.
I'm doing a box for 11-14 boys and 11-14 girls!
Above you can see all the goodies I bought to fill the boxes with.
If you are planning on doing a box I strongly advise you take a trip to poundland or 99p world.
I picked up most of the stuff in there, and if you buy the stuff cheap, you might be able to do 2 boxes!
Please comment and let me know if you do a box!
Oh and don't forget, the deadline is FAST approaching!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

OOTD: Peplum Floral dress & GCSE's

Dress - River Island
Shoes - New Look
Nails - Barry M red glitter
Going to be quiet on the blogging front this week.
I have a physics exam on Thursday and I am petrified. Science is my weakest subject so it's non stop revision from here on out! I am already sick of the electromagnetic spectrum and have found myself bashing my head against textbooks.
Hey ho, got many more years of this so better get used to it!
Have a lovely week!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Liebester Award

I've been tagged this week by the lovely Hannah from A Pretty Mess and awarded the Liebest Award from her! I love things like this. It's one of the things I like most about blogging, the whole communtiy feel to it!
In order to be able to accept the award and to be able to display the badge on my blog I have to do the following:
1) What's your dream job?
A fashion/beauty journalist, window dresser or Vicar, strange mix I know!
2) Who's make up do you see and become the green eyed monster?
Kim Kardashian
3) If you could only read one blog and thats it.. who's would it be?
Laura's from A secret dairy of a fashion journalist.
4) You're on a deserted island and a hot guy/girl is coming to save you. What 3 make up items did you save?
Eyeliner, Bronzer and concealer
5) What product do you live by?
6) Your motto?
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
7) Favourite film?
Wizard of Oz, Bridget Jones, SATC
8) What's your favourite cocktail and place to drink it?
I can't drink I'm only 14 (Nearly 15!)
9) What's the most played song on your iTunes?
The rend collective - the cost
10) What's your most viewed post?
My makeup storage
11) Who makes you the happiest?
My mum/ best friend Lauren
I'm nominating:
My questions are:
1) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
2) Favourite lipstick?
3) Least favourite brand of makeup?
4) Favourite brand of makeup?
5) TOWIE: love it or hate it!?
6) Favourite SATC character?
7) TV crush?
8) Style icon?
9) Where is your favourite place to go to relax?
10) Favourite makeup product, EVER?

Thanks again to Hannah!


Sunday, 4 November 2012

My new babies! Primark Winter Boots!

Babies, meet my blog. Blog, meet my babies.
I adore winter boots, and when I say adore I mean adore.
I picked them up from Primark for £20.
They haven't left my side since I bought them and I would sleep in them if I could.
The pictures don't do them justice, and they look pretty grassy in them too.
These boots are my go to shoes, and surprisingly I found them in Primark.
I never usually buy shoes from Primark as, let's be honest they're not always the best quality.
But boy oh boy did Primark prove me wrong on this occasion.
And let me mention again that they cost £20.
Need I say anymore! It's LOVE!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Operation Christmas Child: GET INVOLVED!

OCC is a charity I hold incredibly close to my heart.
For those of you that don't know exactly what OCC is, they encourage people to wrap and fill shoe boxes full of toys and treats, and then they send them to disadvantaged children all over the world.
I think this charity is so in keeping with the true spirit of Christmas and makes me feel all emotional.
I urge you ALL to take part. It really is one of the greatest things you'll do this Christmas and will make you feel so great.
If you want to get involved and pack a shoebox this is how:
1) Find an empty shoe box and wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper!
The box should ideally be medium size, and the box and lid should be wrapped separately.
2) Decide if your shoebox is for a boy or girl.
You can download the stickers here, then simply tick which age group your box is for and then secure it on the top right hand corner of the lid (make sure it is stuck down properly and won't fall of!)
3) Fill your box with gifts!
Click here to see what gifts Samaritans purse recommend you to pack. Be sure to check the 'no thanks' list to check you don't pack anything that won't be able to be sent over (ie chocolate because it will melt in some cases ect)
4) Make your donation
Your boxes have to get to there final destinations somehow right? Operation Christmas Child ask that for every shoebox you fill you donate a minimum of £2.50 to go towards shipping costs. You can donate online here and by donating online, OCC will even let you know where your shoebox went!
5) Drop off your shoebox!
Make sure your shoebox is secure by putting a rubber band around the outside. Use OCC online shoebox drop of point finder here to find your nearest stop. I'm pretty sure that all Shoezone stores are drop of points but don't take my word for that. You can drop them off between 1st November - 18th November!
 Take a look at if you want anymore info!
Please, I urge you all to get involved with such an amazing charity this Christmas!
Let me know if you do a box!


Some bad news!

Photo: weheartit
I had some awful news last week. I'm sure most of you know the situation America is in at the moment what with hurricane Sandy. I was due to go to New York along with alot of my other friends on a school trip this half term, but our flights were cancelled.
So instead of shopping in Macys, going up the Empire State and ice skating in Central Park....I have spent this week at Butlins and in bed watching Desperate Housewives.
In a situation like this, I guess I have to just be thankful that I wasn't already out there when the hurricane hit.
Hopefully school will re-schedule it for June!
In the meantime....I am completely penny less after changing 5 months worth of wages into dollars. Not good.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

MUA Matte Foundation

I have been searching for my perfect foundation for yonks. I have tried and tested a ridiculous amount, but finally found the one! Cue MUA's Matte foundation!
MUA claims:
"Velvet smooth, long-lasting finish. A creamy texture that blends beautifully for that perfect velvet finish and long-lasting matte complexion."
The packaging is great. Doesn't look cheap, tacky and I like how it's a squeezy tube rather than a pump, as I always find I can get every last bit out of this kind of tube, rather than a pump.
The formulation is great. It's not thick and unspreadable, yet on the other hand it's not watery. It's easy to apply and blends beautifully! It is extremely build-able and you can keep going until you have the desired coverage. I tend to wear 2 layers and 3 on area's of redness or to cover spots. 
I picked it up in shade 1 'soft sand' and it is almost identical to my skin colour.
The only fault I have is that it's branded as a matte product, but it couldn't be more different. It is incredibly shiny. If your looking for a matte foundation this is not the one for you.
Once I have applied some pressed powder over the top is looks very natural. This foundation is extremely long wearing and doesn't need touching up for hours on end.
This foundation also doesn't irritate my skin which is a great bonus!
Now onto the price....£2!
This foundation really does tick all the boxes. I have already re-purchased 3 times and think I will be many more times!
Let me know if you have/ are going to give MUA's function a try?

Monday, 22 October 2012

NOTD: I have nails!

This is my first ever NOTD!
Up until recently I used to bite my nails and to be completely honest, I couldn't even say I had nails as I used to bite them so low. Recently I have found an amazing product (blog post coming soon!) that basically tastes disgusting and stops you putting your thumb anywhere near your mouth.
2 months or so has gone by, and I now feel that I have decent size nails...although I still want them longer haha!
14 years have gone past and I have never had to paint my nails, so that's why they look a bit messy!
I bought 'Red Glitter' and 'Raspberry' taking advantage of Boots 3 for 2 offer on at the moment!
The clear colour is my mum's, I'm using allot of her colours at the moment since my collection consists of 5 colours and 3 of them are shades of pink!
Hope you like my fist nail of the day!
Expect many more in the future!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Next Wishlist: Dresses!

From left to right:
Black Embellished Maxi Dress £70 (can't seem to get the link to work, sorry!)
Wow Navy Maxi Dress £40 (buy here)
Nude Embellished Dippy Hem Dress £45 (buy here)
Purple Flocked Shift Dress £50 (buy here)
Lace Dress £60 (buy here)
Printed Dress £50 (buy here)

You may have seen last week I did a wish list on my favourite pieces from the Next website. Whilst picking my favourites, I realised just how many dresses I adore from Next this season. I decided they needed a whole post to think of this as a Next dress appreciation post.
Next have such a great range of dresses at the moment, as you can see from above.
If it's a short dress, maxi dress, floral dress, lace dress, you name it, Next have it!
You can probably tell by my last couple of posts that I have really been loving Next recently. Although Next is a high-street store, I definitely consider it as a more high end one as Next always have such great quality.
When I go to New York in 2 weeks’ time I need a dress to wear for Broadway, and I am currently lusting after the Purple flocked shift dress but sadly my bank balance isn’t looking to healthy at the moment, what with Christmas on the way. Oh well, a girl can still dream haha!
Which dress is your fave?

Thursday, 18 October 2012

OOTD: Tweed coat and MUdDZ wellies!

Thick Leggings - Hooch for Matalan
Top - River Island
Scarf - Primark
Jacket - Rydale
Wellies - MUdDZ
Yesterday I took Digger for a walk. It was a lovely sunny day, but still had that autumnal chill to it. I wore my tweed coat. I bought it from the Royal Bath and West Show back in May from the Rydale (also known as Yorkshire clothing company) stall. I was looking for a fitted tweed blazer, the same style as the Jack Wills ones, but all the ones I tried on were either to big, to small, or to expensive!
I tried this one on and loved it. Yes it's not the fitted blazer style I was aiming for, but I love it none the same.
I haven't really got much wear out of it up until now, because It's really thick and you have to wait till really chilly, frosty days to wear it.
It cost around the £70 mark which I think is pretty good considering it's tweed!
The only downside to this coat is the lining. It is the brightest pink I have ever seen...ever. It doesn't look nice at all and I feel it makes the coat look extremely cheap.
Overall I love it, I just try to keep the lining hidden.
Do you own a tweed coat/blazer?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Next's Next day delivery! My style!

Did anyone see Next's new TV ad in the break on Sunday's X factor. It features the beautiful Arizona Muse and is promoting Next's next day delivery service if you order by 9...PM! (Next's next day delivery, blimey that's a mouthful!) My mum's reaction to the advert was ''wow, if you order by 9!? That's fab!'' Her reaction probably had something to do with how she suddenly remembered she had a wedding the day before it was on last month and had no time to get out the office and go shopping, meaning she had to throw together an outfit she really didn't feel confident in. Not good.
I think it's really good to know that Next have such a service available. With the ordering time being as late as 9pm and next day delivery guaranteed I think that is incredible. I'm so pleased that Next have spent the time and created an advert that does the service justice and really shows it off. Why would you want to play something like that down!? I think not.
I have taken the Purple Geo-print dress (as seen in the ad) and styled it fittingly with other pieces from the Next website (( I went for a nigh time, glamorous sophisticated look that compliments the dress and shows off its best bits.
1) Purple Geo-Print Dress £65 (Buy here)
This is the key piece to the outfit. The fish to the chips, the Ant to the Dec, the iced to the bun (I could go on forever haha!) At the end of the advert Arizona Muse steps out of her house in this dress, and I think a little bit inside of me wanted to run to the nearest Next shop and buy myself one of these timeless, elegant dresses. (And then cry in front of the mirror at how I don't look as good as Arizona Muse does in it!)
2) Lepord Print faux fur jacket £65 (Buy here)
Who doesn't love a faux fur jacket!? They just remind me of the scene in SATC in which Carrie Bradshaw is running to Miranda's house on New Years wearing a huge fur coat! With Carrie Bradshaw being one of my style icons, who can blame me for loving a fur jacket or too!?
3) Black Croc effect strap shoe £35 (Buy here)
I love shoes, especially these shoes. They would go with anything and everything. If I'm going to spend money on something I want it to go with lots and to be able to get allot of wear out of it. That's what's so great about these shoes. They look amazing with the dress but could also be worn again and again, perfect!
4) Shimla Amethyst Bracelet £55 (Buy here)
I had to have a pop of purple somewhere in the accessories. With purple being in the dress I think this bracelet compliments it beautifully and helps to keep the limelight on the dress.
5) Silver Sparkle Flower Ring £10 ( Buy here)
Another SATC themed accessory here, I just can't help it haha! This ring looks incredibly similar to Samantha's flower ring in the first SATC movie, plus it give a little more detail and a girly touch to the whole ensemble.
6) Black Leather Premium tote £75 (Buy here)
I'm having a love affair with this bag. I need to marry it, now. Another classic, timeless piece from Next which goes lovely with this dress.  
7) Duck egg Blue enamel bangle £12 (Buy here)
 Isn't this bangle beautiful? *swoon* It looks so much more expensive than £12, certainly looks like a luxury item to me! I would never guess it would only cost that much!
Overall the lesson is, if you're in a hurry and need a stylish, outfit that suits you fast, Next is the place to go!
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tom's first OOTD!

Jumper - Next
Chinos - Next
Trainers - Sports direct
This is Tom's first appearance on my blog. I went shopping with him on Thursday and treated him to some new clothes from Next. Next is such a great place to shop. Our local Next happens to be a Next Clearance (double bonus!) I always pick up some great bargains in there, and Thursday was the same as usual. Next have such a great selection of boys clothes. The stock they have in at the moment is smart yet casual and I think it looks really sweet on Thomas.
Plus Next is a brand that I really trust, and I have never had a problem on the quality front from next. That is very important when it comes to buying clothes for boys. If you want to test clothes for quality and strength, Tom is the boy to do it. He lives in the garden (not literally obviously!) and is always riding his bike/motorbike, building dirt tracks and everything else that concerns dirt, mud, and being a crazy, loud troublesome boy!
Prices are also very reasonable at Next, especially if you go sale shopping!
Tom loves his new outfit, and lept at the chance of being on my blog.
Overall If you're looking for quality, stylish clothing for little boys, Next is the place to go!