Monday, 21 September 2015

Top Tips for Financial Freedom!

Financial freedom isn’t really something that me and my friends tend to talk about that much, as were only only seventeen, luckily, we’re yet to reach the age where we have to worry about mortgages, pensions or investments. However, over the last year, ‘money’ has been a lot more of a hot topic than it ever used to be. ISA’s, fixed term savings, student loans and tax have all become topics on our lips as we enter into ‘adult hood’ (totally not giving up my Disney Frozen posters anytime soon though!)
I think it’s fair to say that due to our new found widening of our knowledge around finance, we have become a lot more aware about our parents financial situations too. This, in turn, has led me to really want to be financially independent, to the greatest possible extent I can. There comes to time when we all have to stop relying on the bank of Mum and Dad and try to make it on our own in this field, however daunting that may seem. I thought I’d try to put together a few helpful little tips and tricks in order to successfully ‘break free’ without having to come running back a few months down the line. I hope these are useful and if you have any ideas that you think I’ve missed, feel free to comment and share them in the comments section!
1)   Know when the right time is to do so
Sit down and try speaking to your parents and discussing the idea of you being incharge of a few more things on the financial side. They may feel that this is the right time to do so, or not. Take into account what they are saying and see if you can come to an agreement that you are both happy with.
On the Experian expert blog, writer Darren Beach says to look out for certain ‘signs’ that you might be ready for financial independence. Sometimes its just about being able to tell yourself ‘no’ when you really, really want to splash out on something you don’t need and can’t really afford. There’s also the realisation that sometimes you are just going to have to spend money on something you need, but don’t really want, such as household repairs or car tax.
2)   Baby steps
Try not to take things too fast or you risk being overwhelmed. Perhaps take on a gradual amount of responsibility over time, in order to save being dropped in at the deep end.
3)   Be disciplined
If you have already moved out, be it away at uni halls or in your own accommodation, chances are that you are already having to deal with fixed, regular costs such as rental, household costs, travel costs plus buying your own food. This can be hard, especially when sometimes it seems like the money in the bank just isn’t going to cover all the costs. Try to be disciplined and plan ahead. I am forever using ‘Google sheets’ which is an online, free software which enables you to edit and make spreadsheets whenever you have internet connection. By keeping on top of your outgoings it will be easier to plan for bigger expenses and track how much you have coming in each month, versus how much is going out.
4)   Pay ALL your credit bills on time
When I say all, I mean all. Not just loans and mortgages, but mobile phone contracts, utilities and credit cards. This is vital as missed or late payments can stay on your credit report for at least six years and could affect the likelihood of you receiving credit in the future. If you want find out anything else about credit reports there is more here.

5)   Register to vote
This may sounds like a funny one that has nothing to do with financial freedom, but trust me…it does! Registering to vote not only gives you the potential to vote but could also boost your credit rating. This is because lenders often use the electoral register to help confirm where you live and who you are. All you have to do is go to the website and follow the simple steps.
I hope you found these tips helpful!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

What's in My Weekend Away Makeup/Skincare Bag?

Over the last year or so I have had to get used to spending different weekend's at different parent's houses - therefore I have got packing my skincare/makeup products down to a fine art (or at least I like to think so!) Rather than tell you about each and every product just take a look and see if there are any of your holy grail products or maybe even some you wish to try. Since I don't want to haul everything over to my Dad's house I guess everything pictured above is one of my 'essentials'. I find this kit perfect as it gives me the flexibility to do a very basic makeup look right up to a party perfect look. 

Hope this extremely short post wasn't completely pointless.

PS - I don't take toilet roll to my Dad's house (that's just a spare roll in the background haha!)

H&M Mickey Mouse jumper

Yes, I know...another Disney fashion post. I have a problem haha!

Today I wanted to show you all my latest purchase from H&M.

I have never really been a fan of H&M. My best friend Becca and a whole host of my others friends love it and always manage to find some goodies in there. On the other hand, I never get too lucky in there and more often than not come away empty handed. But, I caved to all the Disney clothes they had in there on a recent trip to Bristol and picked up this beauty.

At £9.99 this jumper was fairly reasonable although I was very disappointed with the quality of the jumper. Before I even had the chance to wear it a second time it already had a hole in the seam on the right hand side by my waist. I hadn't been doing anything too crazy in it and it already has a massive hole. I'll have to sew it up as I was unable to get to a H&M store before my receipt ran out, boo!

But apart from that, the jumper is really quite striking. I like that they have used a more retro image of Mickey Mouse rather than the more modern one, as it's harder to come by the more unique stuff.

Also, the texture of it Is really intriguing but side note - it's definitely not the warmest.

Overall, it's a cheap and cheerful jumper that is nice to throw on and layer with, adding a pop of pattern and colour.

Do you have a lot of luck in H&M?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Harry Potter Studio Tours + OOTD

Dress - Primark
Jacket - M&S
Tights - Primark
Boots - New Look
Bag - Osprey

This post has been a very long time coming! Back along I went to Harry Potter Studios with some of my family and I cannot believe I never finished this blog post until now! It has been sitting, filled with photos but no text since summer - waiting to be published on ze blog.

I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan (seemed like a good place to start...)
Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the films but they aren't really my type of film. None the less, I really enjoyed the studios tour!

Me, my mum, my sister Alice, my two cousins Leo and Pip as well as my Auntie Jude and Auntie Deb all headed up to the highly talked about place to see what we'd make of it.

We were all so impressed! I honestly can't recommend it enough, even if you're not the greatest Harry Potter fan. I especially liked walking through all the sets, seeing the makeup demo's and of course, butter beer! (Which tastes just like a glass of caramel with lemonade - sooo sickly!)

Definitely don't go without a camera as the whole trip is just one massive photo opportunity after another. Also, since part of the tour is outside it is probably worth taking a coat (unlike we did!)

Not a lot else to say apart need to go!

Also, if you have been, I would love to know what you made of it!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sighh Designs Phone Case Review (Iphone 6): Alice

First of all I just want to quickly apologise for the lack of posts in these last few weeks. I have been revising lots as I have had mocks and controlled assessments and been working nonstop, plus it’s been hard with publishing my posts as Lucy has been away from home a lot this month. With that all said, now let’s start with this post!

As some of you may know, I am easily drawn to shopping for cute unique things. I came across sigh designs after following Polly for ages on instagram so I got to see all of her new products that she was creating. Polly is such a fab artist so it’s lovely to see her business and designs grow.

I have just brought myself a new rose gold 64gb Iphone 6 after working hard and after my phone completely died on me. I knew straight away when looking for a case to look at Polly’s products as they’re all super creative and original.

I thought this case was perfect for me as my favourite drink is hot chocolate and I love all the quirkiness of it. At first I was a bit hesitant to order a case because they are £14 each, however the prices are fair considering how Polly designs every single one by hand and then her designs are printed by a company.

Each phone case are neatly packaged and well protected and for an added touch it even included a cute thank you note by Polly herself. The phone cases themselves come with clear sides to suit your phone perfectly and then to protect the design itself, it has a clear top layer over it. Every case is also sprayed with a special coating which should allow them to last for months.

On Polly’s website she sells phone cases for a good variety of phones, pocket mirrors, makeup bags, mugs and the cutest notebooks so I hope you check it out for yourselves here. (
 Alice x
( My Instagram and Twitter: @Alice_Rebekahh )

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Where've I been: Let's catch up!

(a picture of me once we had reached the top of the mountain on our 8 hour trek!)
Hello strangers,
This feels very weird as it has be an incredibly long time since I last published a bog post (nearly a whole month to be precise!)
Life get's crazy sometimes and sadly this little corner of the internet gets pushed to the back of my priorities. Over the last couple of months so much has been going on: I've been busy revising for m college exams coming up in May this year, re-building relationships with certain members of my family, learning to drive, being there for my friends, taking a week trip to Morocco, North Africa to work on a community project as well as trying to figure out where to go with my life and start looking at uni's. It's all got a bit much at times to be honest.
I guess the point of this blog post is to say don't worry if I suddenly go a-wol for a week or two, it hopefully just means I'm busy running round like a headless chicken and don't have time to update ze blog. This summer I actually have a rather long one again, like I did last year...3 months to be exact! So although 'Lucy Abigail' may be quiet for the next couple of months rest assured  - I will be back filling up your timelines and bloglovin' feed sooner than you think.
Plus, in the meantime my sister Alice will still be publishing her weekly guest posts too - however I doubt I'll be holding her to this as like me, she has exams this summer too so if one week she really can't get a post out I'll think you'll all understand.
Aside from some upload admin, let me chat to you briefly about Morocco! It was such a good trip and I will definitely be doing a whole post packed full of pictures on it soon so look out for that. I went out for a week with Honours academy (a group of student who the college feel will progress onto top uni's) to do some community work for our sponsored village as well as some gruelling treks too. It was tough and at times we all felt like giving up, but we pushed through and had plenty of highs. The 8 hour treks proved to us how strong we are and getting to know the locals was lovely. I think one of the most important things I learnt on the trip, is that you can go to a rural village in the middle of the Atlas mountains, where the locals speak a mix of Arabic and Burba, yet a smile will still translates in ever language.
What have you all been up to lately? Did you watch the Eastenders reveal? Did you have a nice Valentines?
 Please feel free to either comment, tweet or email me with blog post requests of what you'd like to see and I'll do my best to try and make that a reality in the future.
Plus - It was 'Lucy Abigail's 3rd Birthday yesterday so just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for all of your love and support over the last three years. It means the world!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Great Hair Wash Debate

(Image: Pinterest HERE)

"Did you know Lucy only conditions her hair three times a week!"
"Really!? Ew!"

You can just hear it, can't you. Judgmental teenagers all over saying these exact words. I know whilst at secondary school I felt so much pressure to wash my hair excessive amounts but it's only recently that I've started to actually look into if it's good to or not. 

Shampooing ever day
Both dermatologists and stylists agree that there's little reason to shampoo every day. I understand that people often get freaked out thinking that anything less with leave them with smelly, dirty hair, but shampooing three times a week is apparently plenty. Although shampooing everyday is not good for anyone, that's not to say there' a set amount of washes that's perfect for everyone.

Factors that play a part
If you live in London or New York chances are you're hair is going to get greasier slightly quicker than I will down in rural Somerset. Other factors are things such as the scalp and hair type plus how many/what products you use on the hair. So essentially, what I'm trying to say is this is something that varies from person to person. There is no set 'good' number of hair washes to do a week.

As hair stylists all round the world will agree, hair is a fibre. Think of a wool fibre - the more you wash it the worse it's going to look. One thing I found really interesting when doing some research for this blog post is that the longer, curler and thicker you hair is, the longer it can go between washes. My hair ticks all three of those boxes so again this suggests that there is definitely no need for me to be washing my hair daily. Apparently this is due to the fact that oils from the scalp do not travel down the hair shaft as quickly as they would if he hair was fine/straight/short meaning that the hair tends to be dry and requires less frequent shampooing. (Info from Heather Wooler-Llyod, MD, director of skincare and hair care at the university of Miami) That being said, even most short, thin hair can skip a day too. Zoe Draelos MD writes that daily shampooing is only necessary if oil production in the scalp is high or if you want to have the fragrance. If you are washing your hair because of the latter I strongly suggest that you use a lightweight shampoo (also know as 'everyday shampoos') as they contain less detergents than others. Boots have quite a few good ones in store.

Because of this I guess I'm writing this blog post to try and urge you to have a little experiment with your amount of weekly washes. I'm obviously not preaching to try and get you to only wash your hair monthly because that is, quite frankly, not nice. All I'm suggesting is that we need to stop being so scared of the amount of times a week we wash our hair and try out different time periods in order to see if we're over-washing or not and find what works best for us.

How many times a week do you wash your hair?

Monday, 2 February 2015

OOTD: A day in Wells

Me and Leo

A couple weeks back myself, my cousin Leo and two of my good friends Becca and Alexa hopped on the bus and spent the morning have a lazy day exploring Wells. 

Wells is right on our door stop and is an amazing city! It is the smallest in the country and is so quaint and full of riches to be explored.

The cathedral there is actually one of my favorite places in the world and I may even do a whole blog post on the Cathedral with photos of its insane beauty soon! I actually did do a blog post with a couple pictures of Wells Cathedral last year which you can see HERE if you're interested.

First stop on our little outing was to Great Shakes. Great Shakes is the most insane milk shake bar that literally put any chocolate bar you could ever want into a blender with milk and a whole lot of icecream, whizz it up and as if by magic you're left with the most delicious, unhealthy drink to ever have existed. (Ok, slight exaggeration but they're seriously good!) 

Me and Leo went for the Kinder Beuno milkshake and it was sooo good!

Leo tucking into his milkshake

Next up we had a little explore in Waterstones. I have never been in the Waterstones in Wells before but it was so lovely in there. It was like a tardis as from the outside it looked fairly small but once inside you realised it goes back really far. It was so nice to have a proper little rumage through all the books. Especially because Alexa and Becca are little book worms so hearing them get all excited about certain books was cute.

Sidenote: I am going to read more in 2015!

Leo got rather excited over a book about Planets

The rest of the afternoon was spent eating and we met up with a few more friends and sat for a bit catching up in Coffee One. Once we were thoroughly warmed back up we went to see the ducks before heading for a nosy around the cathedral.

Me and My Cousin Leo

Leo and the Pigeons

Finally onto my outfit....

Coat - New Look
Bobble Hat - Primark
Cardigan - Primark
Dress - Joules
Tights - Primark
Boots - Primark

I adore this dress from Joules. I don't know if I've mentioned it on my blog previously but I started working at Joules over the summer. After looking at this dress hanging on the shop floor for months I finally caved and bought it.

The outfit I wore it with is exactly how I imagined styling it - tan boots. I think it looks really autumnal as the colour and print of the dress reminds me of autumn leaves.

So overall an outfit I love for a day with people who I love!

How has your week been?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Alice's Birthday Haul!

My birthday was on Sunday and I can honestly say I had the most amazing birthday and I am so thankful for all my gifts from family and friends. If you got me anything and are here reading this - thank you! Sorry if that I haven't included everything, some things are already in use and I did actually get a fair bit of money!

Of course just before I start I need to put a little disclaimer out there how I am not by any means trying to brag I am just genuinely really pleased with what I received!

First up are these wonderful makeup brushes I received from my Dad – the Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Makeup Brushes. Unlike in the photo, these are now out of their packaging and are being used every day. So far I’ve loved them and can’t get over how amazing quality they all are!

My best friend Libby was kind enough to purchase this lovely box filled with Body Shop body butters. The set comes with 5 different scented body butters including strawberry, shea, moringa, satsuma and then lastly coconut. I can’t wait to start using them as I have heard that they work wonders on the skin!

I was so happy when my friend, Joe brought me this palette as when it was released I had my eyes on it and knew it was soon to be added on my wish list! I have used it a few times now and I think the pigmentation is great and all the shadows are easy to blend and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get more into eye shadow as it has a lovely colour selection to chose.

And lastly I have to finish with my favourite gift from my mum which is the stunning Frends Layla Oil slick headphones I received from my mum. I’m absolutely obsessed with these from the look of them and the sound quality! You may be thinking that they are just absolutely beautiful headphones but I can honestly say they are totally worth the money! They have memory foam ear cushions, soft-touch fabric cord so you don’t have to spend ages detangling them before using, there are additional interchangeable caps available, and one of the handiest benefits is that they are collapsible and come with a mini zippered case which fits them in perfectly which is great for when you’re travelling or on the move!

I hope you enjoyed having a peak into what I received for my birthday. Im so grateful for everything I received! Have you got a birthday coming up soon?

Love Alice x

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

High Street Fashion Haul (Alice)

At the beginning of the month we went sales shopping and I managed to pick up some amazing items for amazing prices and I thought what better than to do a haul reviewing them!
First of all is Topshop. I had looked at the website before we went shopping and saw that they had quite a lot reduced and wrote a few things down to look out for when I went shopping. I only brought 3 items but I love all of them to pieces!
I knew I wanted a black leather jacket for a while now and I have looked around quite a bit for one but when my mum pointed it out in the shop I fell in love. I managed to pick it up for £45 and with Lucy’s student discount it went down again to £40.50 when it should originally be £60! It’s warm, comfortable and a great staple for my wardrobe. Another thing that caught my eye was how it has an attachable fleece head band. This is a great added bonus so when it’s slightly colder I can attach this and warm my neck up slightly, or if I don’t think it really goes well with what I’m wearing, just simply take it off and wear the jacket by itself.
After my shoes broke in the last week of school before I broke up for the holidays, I was desperate for a new pair. They needed to be comfy so I would be able to wear them all day long without getting blisters, actually fit me as buying shoes can be quite the task with small feet, and lastly be suitable e.g. the style and colour of them. I can honestly say that these shoes tick all 3 boxes.
I was over the moon also with this purchase as I have had my eye of this top for a good month and a bit now and at the beginning of December. I was nearly going to buy it when it was full price at £16 but I’m glad I waited as I brought this in the sales for only £8! The colour and the lace detailed peter pan collar is beautiful and I’m actually thinking about purchasing it in a different colour now I’m so pleased with it and the price aha!
And now from River Island is this “A la belle ├ętoile” long sleeved turtle neck crop top. (I actually looked up what it means and it translates into “under the stars”!) I was looking at buying a plain black long sleeved turtle neck crop top and when I saw this one I thought the French writing added to it and looked cute so I added it to my basket.
I purchased this as who doesn’t love a good Mean Girls quote top. (This is actually my second mean girls top as I brought a different one from when I visited Brandy Melville whilst in France for French Exchange!) Like the Purple top, it is easy to style and comfortable and I couldn’t leave it as it was only £7.
And lastly is this purple tank top I actually received for my birthday from my boyfriend, Sam. I love this top and anyone who knows me, knows that this is a totally me top. I adore the colour and the style of it and the material is lovely and soft.
Did any of you pick up any good bargains in the sales this month? If so let me know what were they and where from so I can take a look myself!
(Instagram & Twitter @Alice_Rebekahh)
Love Alice x

Friday, 9 January 2015

Feel Good Friday #1

Back last year 'Feel Good Friday' was a series I did on my blog for a fair few weeks. 
It seemed to go down fairly well with you all so since I want to have just a positive 2015 as I did 2014 I thought it would be a good idea to start series #2! 

So, alas, here is the first in the second series of my 'Feel Good Friday' posts!

I thought I'd start the year with a post that isn't too restricting and covers a general attitude (don't really know if that makes sense but it did in my head!)

Also I thought this quote/picture thing is perfect to go on ze blog as photography is such a vital aspect of blogs in my opinion. 

Focus on what is important
This is so so true and also kinda reinforces my main goal for 2015 of being less materialistic. (Those of you that have read my '2015: Hopes and Dreams' post will know what that is!) Its so easy to prioritise things in a funny way and for a while let the things you love most and are important to you slip. It's sounds like a drastic example but rather than winging about the fact that you forgot to put Eastenders recording (is it just me that does that!?) appreciate the fact that you are healthy and put things into perspective.

Capture the good times
This is another thing I love to do. Not too sure if I ever publically broadcasted it on the blog but I actually filmed/blogged my whole 2 and a half month long summer in 2014. It was a project that took some sticking too and I did tail of a bit towards the end but I am so so happy I did it. Yes, a lot of people did think I was rather weird when I suddenly pulled out a video camera at a party but I now have such treasured memories to look back on and don't regret it at all. Anyway, after a couple of times my friends got used to it and began to be less shy in front of the camera. Although it is important to not always worry about capturing things and living in the moment, I do think where possible capturing memories, be it by scrapbooks, photos or videos is very special.

Develop from the negatives
Yes, things in life aren't always going to be rosy (expect a blog post from me on this topic soon!) but when things go wrong try to draw some positives from them if at all possible and most of all, learn from them.
Take another shot
I guess as a Christian, this is a very important one for me. You may well interpret it differently but I think that quote says a lot about forgiveness. Give people second chances, just as we like to be given them. If someone does something that upset you or you don't agree with, try and talk it out and then give them another shot. Life is full of second chances so don't ever feel like it's the 'end'.
I hope you enjoyed the first instalment in the second series of 'Feel Good Friday'

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Meet Alice....(New Permanent Guest Blogger)

Hellllllllo. So today is something a little different. From now on, every Tuesday my sister Alice is going to be guest blogging on ze blog. I think this is a good little arrangement as it means even when I get busy there should still be some regular content that I am able to put out. You know what life is like sometimes and it is easy to let the blog slip down the list in priorities and leave you lovely lot with nothing new to read. Alice is younger than me and has a fair few different tastes to me, but hopefully she will be able to relate to my younger readers. Also, please feel free to comment or tweet me with any feedback to Alice's posts as I'm sure she'd love to hear.
Enjoy, Lucy!
For a while now I have been thinking of starting my own blog but as I’ve been told by Lucy, it takes patience and time to build a community of readers so she kindly suggested that once a week I guest blog here on her own blog. This is a perfect idea as I can decide whether blogging is my thing and if I seriously do want to start blogging and then create my own personal blog, plus is gives Lucy a little bit of extra time revising instead of worrying about blog posts.
I am a typical teenager so have connections with most forms of media and social network, this means that sharing aspects of my life is quite familiar to me. I have taken many photos for Lucy and helped with certain posts e.g. OOTD’s, and I do read a fair few blogs myself however I am still new with writing posts as this is my first.
First thing firsts are getting to know the basics. My name is Alice Rebekah Helps and I was born on the 18th January 2000 which means it’s my birthday in just over 2 weeks eek exciting I know! I have size 3 feet and I am just over “5,5” ft tall and my favourite colour is purple.
Anyone who knows me knows ever since I was little I have always loved taking photos of anything and everything as I’m obsessed with photography! In my opinion, although the text is very important on a blog, in a sense, so are the photos. I find blogs without pictures so sad to look at. I instead love things visual and creative.
I’m also a dancer. I have Ballet, Tap, and musical theatre lessons once a week and also take part in a dance show every other year whilst learning graded work in preparation for Royal Academy and ISTD exams.
I hope you all liked this first post getting to know me a little bit and like this new idea as I will be posting once a week from now on Tuesdays.
Love Alice

Monday, 5 January 2015

My Blog's Diary: 2014

2014 was a busy year for this little corner of the internet so I thought it was only fair to do a little round up post and take a look back at some of the 'milestone' things. My blog and me seem to have a very up and down relationship. We go through stages where we are the best of chums and I am posting very frequently whilst loving doing so but then there are also stages where life just gets too busy and sadly blogging falls to the back of my priorities. Even though my blog was not kept up to date quite as much as I would have liked during 2014, it still achieved quite a lot and I am very proud of it! Let's take a look back month by month...

During January I blogged a whole lot about my trip to Disneyland Paris over the New Year. Since Disney is one of my all time favourite things it was inevitable that there was going to be a whole heap of posts on OOTD's and hauls from my trip and they seemed to go down quite well.

One blog post that I put live in January that went down well was when I spoke about Nikki Phillippi's 'How to be Happy' series over on her YouTube channel (HERE) I know I have said soooo many times that my goal for 2014 was to be 'happy' so I was adamant on making sure all of my lovely readers were aware of this fab series that Nikki had created (and is also doing this January too, if you're interested!) 

What came next is the exciting bit....

Nikki only went and tweeted me regarding the blog post! Woooo!

One really exciting thing that happened during February was that my blog was featured in a live chat on 'Beauty Crowd' discussing the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. (HERE) You can see it from around the 17.30 mark! 

On February the 9th the 'Feel Good Friday' series on my blog was born too! This series went down an absolute treat with you all and I am excited to announce that a second series will be starting on the blog again THIS Friday....woop woop! Who doesn't like a weekly dose of positivity!?

The main thing that happend blog wise during the month of March was attending Cribb's Causeway's 'Bristol Fashion Week' for a look at what the shopping center had to offer for the coming SS! (Click HERE to see all of my Bristol Fashion Week blog posts!) 

My outfit that I wore to the event was also snapped by Cribbs Causeway and ended up on their Facebook page (HERE)

This was when things got very exciting. Nominations for Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards opened and lots of you lovely readers nominated me! When the noms first opened I was very excited to see what was going to happen but really didn't expect to get very far in the competition at all.

In May I found out that I was through to the next stage and had been nominated for the Best Teen Style blogger award! I was so so chuffed to have made the top 10 and all of my family, friends and amazing readers rallied behind me and began voting!

My local newspaper actually got in touch with me about running an article on the fact that I had been nominated so I was super duper excited. This is a cut out from page 3 (Not that kind of page 3 haha!) of the Central Somerset Gazette. You can also see the online version of the article HERE. This was rather exciting as up until then I had kept my blog rather quiet and only my close friends and family knew I had one. This was a perfect way to let people in my day to day life know I have a blog without them thinking I was a) weird or b) talking to myself (they probably still think the first one is true to be honest haha!) Also, a few people from school who'd once laughed at my blog or said it was silly were able to see that blogging is on the rise and taking the world by storm haha!


Then in June something crazy happened. Me and mum drove up to London, got ourselves all dolled up, headed off for the awards party in Shoreditch, drank too many free red cups of raspberry vodka and then.....I CAME SECOND/HIGHLY COMMENDED! I was eccstatic! I never ever expected to even make the top 10 and felt extremely blessed to be rewarded for something I put so much time into and work so hard on. 

The same newspaper also covered the fact that I got placed and my mum was super proud haha! Where I live nearly everyone reads this newspaper so it is a big deal for us! (HERE is the link to the online version of the article)

And this above was what overwhelmed me the most. For yonks I have been so scared of people from school finding my blog, afraid that they may take the mick or mock me. I got so many kind words from all different people and it meant so much to me to finally, after years of not, feel like everyone around me accepted my blog and no longer be ashamed or embarrassed. As you could see I was shouting from the rooftops haha! Moral of the story- don't be embarrassed of the things you love. When people around you see how passionate you are for something they will share that passion and spur you on! 

During July and August my blog was very quiet due to the fact that I was on summer holiday. Life was very busy and sadly blogging did take a bit of a back seat. However, this very exciting thing did happen during summer.....

My link was in a magazine.....a real magazine! I squeal with excitement every time I see this.

During the month of October a blog post I had done on a pair of Polka dot heels from Primark was featured on Style Honey Life. This gave my views a nice little boost and it was quite nice to see something I'd wrote against a background other than just my blog. See the article HERE

In November I put a very honest, raw blog post live. It was one talking about my struggle of making a decision between staying at a college I was unhappy at or taking a risk and moving to a new one. I really hope to do more of these honest, talkative blog posts in 2015 as lifestyle posts always do seem to go down a treat with you lot. (While we're on the topic of content in 2015, if there is anything you wish to see on my blog this year feel free to comment or tweet me with it!) See the blog post HERE.

Again, another quiet month. Sadly I was not organised like I was in 2013 and simply didn't have the time to take part in my beloved 'Blogmas', much to my disappointment. But, alas, I did manage to squeeze a through Christmassy posts out and ended the year with a forming tradition....a yearly flashback/review style post.

WOW. What a year it's been for my little blog - I think we both need a lie down haha! 

Finally, before I go I must say one more thing. Thank you for all the love this past year. Every comment, view, tweet, email - it honestly means so much. I am still astounded by the fact that people event want to read the things I write, so thank you x100000000!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Photos that never made the cut....FAIL! (2014)

To start the year on a fairly light hearted note I thought it would be funny and rather entertaining (at my expense) to dig deep into the 'blog' photo folder on my laptop and fish out the photos that never quite 'made the cut'. To be fair most of them are of me pulling funny faces and they aren't as funny as the natural, accidental ones but I thought I would include them anyway. Enjoy!

This photo from mine and Alice's little shoot in the woods went very, very wrong...

Peace signs and a pout!

The peace signs are back again!

Oh dear...

This is THE fakest laugh/smile I have ever seen!

This one makes me laugh so much because unlike the others, this one is just natural (look at that double chin haha!) I was obviously really focused on my sunglasses.

Don't really know what this kung fu/squirrel tooth thing is...

Alice's dorky face, mums double chin, my hair/windswept face...HAHAHA!

Spain balcony shot gone wrong!

So there we go.

I hope you enjoyed this light hearted little blog post.

Happy Sunday,